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The Corrugated Common Footprint

The Corrugated Common Footprint Standard establishes recommended uniform footprint dimensions and interstacking features for corrugated containers to facilitate efficient loading, handling, storage and shipment of produce (fresh fruits and vegetables) on standardized pallets. This standard applies to corrugated containers used to ship produce from the growing or initial packing location to a retail location--usually through a distribution center--including containers that are designed to display the produce at the retail location.

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Corrugated Common Footprint containers are:

  • Stackable - These new boxes share an interlocking tab/receptacle design that provides exceptional load stability. They won't topple or cave in during transport or handling.
  • Low Shipping Costs - Corrugated's light weight, high stacking strength and cube efficiency provide low shipping costs. And there are no back-shipping expenses. In fact, grocery stores will typically earn money when the used boxes are recovered for recycling.
  • Protective - With its fluted construction and built-in air cushioning, corrugated provides superior product protection and minimizes damage from abrasion and bruising. It can be custom designed to offer additional reinforcement, cooling vents, insulation and moisture barriers to keep contents protected.
  • Consistent - Common Footprint containers can be made by any corrugated manufacturer, so grower/shippers can continue using the packaging suppliers they already know and trust. Mixed pallet loads will be stable and consistent, even when they're built with boxes made by different suppliers.
  • Custom Design - The Common Footprint provides the consistency retailers need without compromising the container's ability to meet specific packaging requirement.
  • Display And Marketing Benefits - Common Footprint containers can be display-ready and designed to go from the field, to the warehouse, to the retail shelf without repacking. And as always, the corrugated package is a ready-made billboard for brand identification. Containers can be decorated with high-impact graphic labels, or direct-printed for maximum shelf appeal.
  • Recyclable/Renewable - Corrugated has one of the best recovery and recycling records of any packaging material on earth, with over 74% of all manufactured corrugated recovered for reuse. Grocery retailers recycle an even higher percentage of the corrugated that comes through their stores, and they can generate additional revenue from the sale of OCC (old corrugated containers).

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