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Environmental concerns are inevitable throughout the manufacturing process. The corrugated industry adheres to environmentally sound practices and complies with all applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.  The Fibre Box Association (FBA) through the efforts of the Environmental Committee, works with the EPA on proposed regulations and assists member companies in interpreting how best to comply with existing regulations. 

The FBA Environmental Committee is intended to be the action group for environmental issues in the corrugated industry.

Mission Statement:

The FBA Environmental Committee stays abreast of industry developments and regulations, and addresses all environmental aspects to corrugated container manufacture, shipment and usage.  This includes design and development of relevant projects, trials, and studies, as well as production and publication of associated environmental literature, brochures, and publications.  The Committee also works with regulatory and legislative agencies, as necessary, to promote responsible environmental regulations that impact the corrugated container industry.
Recent Achievements:
  • Sponsored development of the new Prop 65 software tool created by AF&PA
  • Provided Prop 65 software tool training through a webinar
  • Developed and esablished Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on environmental topics
  • Made environmental documents available electronically on the website
  • Developed Environmental Training Workshop which was held May 14-15, 2014
Other top environmental concerns include:

Proposition 65
Proposition 65 is a California state law under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. It is designed to protect California's drinking water sources from contamination by over 800 chemicals described in the law, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals.  The Proposition 65 software tool assists member companies in making labeling decisions under California's Proposition 65.

Click here for more information on Prop 65 and to access the Prop 65 software tool.

Air Emissions Tracking
The FBA Environmental Committee recently completed work on the Air Emissions Tracking Workbook, designed to help member companies in tracking air emissions for corrugators and box plants.

The workbook, in Excel format, allows tracking for one facility at a time. It is customizable and adaptable for each participating location. The workbook is separated into the following categories:
  • Annual Summary Pages
  • PM and VOC Summary Pages
  • Detailed Data Entry Pages for VOC and HAPs
  • Starch Data Entry Page
  • Baler / Cyclone Data Entry Page
  • Fuel Consumption Data Entry Pages
Click here to view the Air Emissions Tracking Workbook

*This workbook is being provided by the FBA to its members as a resource only. This workbook does not guarantee compliance with applicable laws and regulations and should not be viewed as a substitute for your company's own environmental compliance policies and procedures. Each member company should look to its own compliance department or legal counsel to ensure that it is following all applicable laws and regulations.

Storm Water Regulations in California
Each year, contaminated storm water run-off contributes to the pollution of our environment. Industrial materials find their way into the storm water or snow melt, negatively affecting people, animals and other wildlife. Therefore, industrial facilities under certain Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes must follow environmental requirements to prevent such pollution. Regulations, such as the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P), require plant facilities to take various steps towards protecting storm water from contamination.

The Fibre Box Association and AECOM, a global provider of environmental and energy development services to industry and government, have teamed up to bring you the California Group Monitoring Program and well as storm water prevention kits.

Click here for more information about the California Group Monitoring Program and Storm Water Prevention Kits 


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