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Legal Advisory

FBA's legal counsel, along with the FBA Legal Advisory Committee, are constantly working to monitor legal developments of interest to the members, including regulations, laws, litigation and administrative actions that could impact members' businesses. 

It is important that members and the association are knowledgeable about current antitrust laws and enforcement activities of federal and state agencies and that new training tools are brought to the attention of member companies.

Click here to view the FBA Anti-Trust Guidelines

Recent Achievements:
  • Led the Association Bylaws revisions project
  • Partnered with the Data Services Committee to introduce the Economic Trends and Outlook for Corrugated Products
  • Guided the association in updating the document retention policy, providing additional antitrust training and strengthening intellectual property policies

ICCA's Legal Work Group

The FBA Legal Advisory Committee also participates on a worldwide basis with the International Corrugated Case Association's (ICCA's) Legal Issues Work Group. keeping the global industry current on emerging laws and regulations that relate to the manufacture, use, and shipment of corrugated products.

Click here for more information on ICCA's Legal Work Group


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