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The FBA Communications Committee is responsible for helping promote the positive story of corrugated packaging to end-users and consumers, as well as helping make sure that our own industry members are aware of FBA programs and services provided on their behalf. Their work intersects with that of many other FBA committees, in making sure each committee's work earns the recognition and awareness required to be effective. The Communications Committee takes on corrugated packaging issues and messages that are best addressed by the industry as a whole, with one unified voice, rather than by individual companies.

The corrugated industry has a great story to tell and it is vital that we share it. From packaging professionals to end-users to consumers, the Fibre Box Association helps spread the good news about corrugated as well as works together with industry members on corrugated packaging issues and messages that are best addressed by the industry as a whole, rather than by individual companies.


"Create a Conversation" with FBA Conversation Cards. This tool helps members create good conversations about corrugated products and our industry.  Roughly the size of coasters, the twenty cards held together on a ring, offer up several facts intended to serve as conversation starters for member company employees across our industry. The cards are available for download here, or free copies can be ordered 

Your customers may not know everything about corrugated that you do. It is to your advantage to educate them as much as possible. To help teach your customers how to get the best box, 
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Spread the good word about corrugated sustainability.  The Responsibility Starts Here brochure was designed to unfold like a box, with multiple panels that provide statistics and facts about sustainable attributes of corrugated packaging.  Order free copies today by 
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FBA publishes the most comprehensive manual on everything corrugated. To order your copy of the Fibre Box Handbook,
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