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Safety & Health

The FBA Safety and Health Committee brings together members from a variety of companies for an informational sharing forum on best practices in the areas of safety and health. This committee allows participants to get expert opinions about issues in their facilities, in areas such as OHSA compliance and plant safety.

This committee works to identify safety and health issues and concerns within the corrugated industry and creates an collaborative position on current matters in efforts to unite the industry with one voice.


The FBA Safety & Health Committee is intended to be the action group for safety and health issues in the corrugated industry.

Mission Statement:

The FBA Safety & Health Committee stays abreast of industry developments and regulations, and addresses all safety and health aspects related to corrugated container manufacture. This includes design and development of relevant projects, trials and studies, as well as production and publication of associated safety and health literature, brochures, and publications. The Committee also works with regulatory and legislative agencies, as necessary, to promote responsible safety regulations that impact the corrugated container industry.

Recent Achievements:
  • Recognized 427 industry plants in 2013
  • Communicated OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Compliance
  • Developed Safety Training Workshop which was held May 13-14, 2014
Other safety and health topics include:

Combustible Dust
The Committee recently completed a new combustible dust document. Guidelines for Developing a Combustible Dust Maintenance Program at your Facility was designed to supplement and enhance existing safety and compliance programs that may exist at each member company. Click here to access the document.

Previous Combustible Dust News
In 2010, the Committee hired Chilworth Global to conduct a combustible dust study at a member corrugated facility.  The study was completed in August of 2011. Click here for more information on this study.

NFPA 70E Compliance Case Study

In 2007, the Committee developed a case study of one plant's experience with National Fire Protection Agency's (NFPA) 70E compliance. 

Click here to view the 2007 Case Study

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