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The paper industry as a whole, along with containerboard and corrugated manufacturers have a long history of efforts focused on the sustainability of our raw materials, our products and our processes. Our use of sustainable forestry practices in the growth and harvest of our renewable raw material, a recycle/recovery rate the highest of any packaging materials and our significant use of renewable energy sources are but a few examples.

Recently, some of the world's largest and most powerful retailers are demanding accountability from manufacturers to demonstrate sustainable business practices that are responsible socially, economically and environmentally for the long-term health of our planet and its inhabitants. The Sustainability Committee was formed to help assess, address and communicate corrugated's position and enhance its perception amidst growing interest in the sustainability of packaging.  The Sustainability Committee is responsible for defining and articulating the sustainable practices of the corrugated packaging industry.  

Recent Achievements:
  • Acted as the work group for two studies conducted on behalf of the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA), a comparative life cycle assessment of corrugated containers and reusable plastic containers and the 2010 update to the corrugated packaging industry life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


The corrugated industry released its second life cycle assessment report on June 4, 2014 measuring and documenting the cradle-to-cradle environmental impact of corrugated packaging manufactured in 2010. The new study builds on thefirst-ever U.S. corrugated-industry LCA, released In 2010.

Information about the new study results is available on the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) website here.


Work with Wal-Mart



In 2007, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released Green Guides in order to determine how best to address new environmental (and sustainability) claims that had emerged in the previous few years.  The guides applied to environmental claims included in labeling, advertising, promotional materials and all other forms of marketing.



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