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Fibre Box Association (FBA) actively co-sponsors organizations whose mission and objectives complement our core initiatives.  Through our sponsorship we’re able to provide member companies with added services and benefits.  At the same time, our cooperation ensures that the industry speaks with one voice across broad-based issues.

Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA)


The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA), co-sponsored by the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), Fibre Box Association (FBA) and the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC), addresses critical competitive issues facing the corrugated packaging industry.

For information on corrugated, sustainability, recycling, supply chain and more, visit

International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA)


The International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA) gives the world's regional corrugated industry associations a place to network and share best practices. It supports programs and activities of various national and regional trade associations that serve the corrugated container industry worldwide.

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International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF)


Co-sponsored by FBA and AICC, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) is dedicated to building a knowledgeable workforce for the corrugated packaging industry. It is completely focused on education for and about the corrugated packaging industry, its products and career opportunities.

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