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Fibre Box Association (FBA) provides services and benefits to its members that can’t be found anywhere else.  At FBA there are three core elements of membership benefits – data, issues and connections.

    • Data – FBA members recognize data services as a hallmark of FBA membership. Since 1940, FBA has been providing members with valuable statistical information and efficient methods of submitting data for a variety of reports. Look to FBA for the most complete and useful statistical information found anywhere about the corrugated industry.  

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    • Issues – Issue Management is the largest area of association work.  From technical responses to regulations and standards development to sustainability and the environment, government relations, safety and health, FBA manages an ever-increasing number of key industry issues through our organization of standing committees.  These committees and the work they do, is how we define issue management.  

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    • Connections – Fibre Box Association (FBA) unites the corrugated industry.  Throughout the year, FBA offers its members meetings and workshops as opportunities to interact with industry peers.  Active members agree they're more competitive in business because of what they learn from networking with other FBA members.  

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Who can be a member?

Any individual, partnership or corporation engaged in the production of corrugated products in North America is eligible for membership in the Fibre Box Association.

Click here to view the FBA Membership Brochure "Join FBA".

How do I become a member?

It's easy to become an FBA member! Simply complete and return the membership application.  You’ll be given instructions to begin submitting mandatory monthly MSF and dollar value data to FBA. 

Then you'll gain access to all of the benefits FBA has to offer.  Some specific examples include:

    • Access to an exclusive members only section of the FBA website filled with key data, reports, technical FAQs and statistics
    • Opportunity to receive the FBA Report, FBA’s monthly email publication giving you the latest updates on important issues, industry events and more!
    • Select member prices on key industry references including the Fibre Box Handbook
    • Registration opportunities for exclusive networking events
    • Access to participate and serve on FBA committees
Click here to download an FBA Membership Application
Click here to view the 2013-2014 FBA Membership Report

What does it cost?

Annual Membership Dues:


  M (000) Square Feet of Shipments

    Dues Rate/M Square Feet

U.S. Plants


 First 10,000,000 M (000) square feet $0.00962



 10 million - 15 million M (000) square feet $0.00481



 More than 15 million M (000) square feet $0.003


 **There is a $975 annual minimum dues.

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Policies and Procedures

  • Dues for the current calendar year are based on member company consolidated plant shipments for the 12-month period ending on June 30th of the previous year.
  • Dues are billed each quarter (1/4 of the annual dues) and are payable within thirty (30) days, except that member companies paying the minimum dues will be billed for the full annual dues in January. Dues are payable in U.S. dollars.
  • Dues are applicable to the shipments of corrugated and solid fiber products (including sheets) from plants in North America.
  • When a member company sells applicable products to another member company, the seller does not pay dues on those shipments, the buyer does.
        - If a member sells to a non-member company, the member pays dues on those shipments. 
        - If a member buys from a non-member company, the member pays dues on those shipments.
  • Certain membership dues situations arise as a result of company consolidation or divestitures:
        - If a merger or acquisition occurs among two or more member companies, the dues will be paid on the
        basis of separate companies until the following fiscal year.
        - If any member buys or sells an operating box plant, the member’s shipment base for dues purposes will 
        be adjusted accordingly and it will pay dues on the adjusted basis effective immediately. The fact that a
        member builds or closes a box plant does not affect his shipment basis until the following year

Effective 4/1/12


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