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FBA Member Benefits

Fibre Box Association (FBA) members agree: membership in FBA helps them grow both the top and bottom line of their businesses.  FBA provides services and benefits to its members that can't be found anywhere else: crucial statistics, benchmarking studies, heavyweight networking opportunities, and member cooperation to address technical, environmental, safety, regulatory, policy and public image issues affecting the entire industry. 

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Below are three important reasons to join FBA:

  • FBA Statistics: Insight to Action

    FBA compiles the most complete and useful statistical information available anywhere in the corrugated industry. Members continually name statistics as a principal reason for belonging to FBA - because the more you know about the industry, the better you are able to compete in it. Statistics available to members include U.S. corrugated industry shipments, economic data, labor information, benchmarking data, productivity and waste statistics and injury and illness statistics.

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  • FBA Knowledge Network: Together We Win

    FBA participation allows members to interact with industry peers from integrated and independent companies to learn from one another about the best practices, and to share challenges and ideas. As co-sponsors of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF), FBA members also help educate and attract new talent to our industry.

    FBA sponsors popular events where members find a variety of business benefits while getting to know each other in off-site venues. These events include the FBA Annual Meeting, the Independent Sheet Plant Operators Workshop and the Independent Corrugator Executive Conference. 

    Active members agree they're more competitive in business because of what they learn from networking with other FBA members.

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  • FBA Issue Management: Corrugated United

    The work of FBA standing committees benefits individual companies by bringing together knowledge, resources and expertise of numerous companies, large and small. The information shared in these committees establishes industry positions on issues of interest and helps members make better decisions.  FBA’s ad hoc committees have made great strides to help keep the corrugated industry alive in changing times, working on issues that can only be addressed at the industry level. 

    Participating on FBA committees will give you a chance to influence the outcomes of our work on major issues facing our industry and your business, today and in the future.

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