Fibre Box Association


FBA is governed by a Board of Directors. FBA adheres to strict bylaws and antitrust guidelines.


FBA adheres to strict bylaws. Below are the bylaws as amended and restated in April 2014.

  • ARTICLE 1.   Offices
  • ARTICLE 2.   Association Objectives
  • ARTICLE 3.   Association Membership
  • ARTICLE 4.   Board of Directors
  • ARTICLE 5.   Officers
  • ARTICLE 6.   Counsel
  • ARTICLE 7.   Transactions with the Association
  • ARTICLE 8.   Indemnification of Directors, Officers, Employees, and Agents
  • ARTICLE 9.   Dissolution
  • ARTICLE 10. General Provisions

Antitrust Guidelines

  • Introduction
  • I. FBA's Antitrust Compliance Policies (What do these Guidelines cover?)
  • II. FBA's Antitrust Compliance Safeguards (How does FBA protect its members and itself?)
  • III. FBA Members' Role to Help Ensure Antitrust Compliance (How do FBA members protect FBA and the Industry?)
  • IV. Contact FBA's Antitrust Counsel with Any Questions (Call us any time)

Antitrust Training Video

Fibre Box Association (FBA), AICC, The Independent Packaging Association and the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF), in collaboration with Foley & Lardner, FBA’s legal counsel, have produced an antitrust training video to educate corrugated industry employees about what antitrust laws require and how to make sure you and your company comply with them. About FBA