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Industry Topics

A significant portion of the Association's work is focused on identifying, understanding and addressing key issues that impact the corrugated industry.

A significant portion of the Association's work is focused on identifying, understanding and addressing key issues that impact the corrugated industry.  We do this by working with representatives from our member companies in a collaborative committee structure.  The work of FBA standing committees benefits individual companies by bringing together the knowledge, resources, and expertise of numerous companies, large and small.  The work of these standing committees establishes industry positions on issues of interest that can and should be addressed at the industry level.


In the past few years, manufacturers and the corrugated industry specifically have been hit with ransomware attacks. The FBA Cybersecurity Committee exists to share the most recent technology and information available to protect member companies’ against cybersecurity attacks.  


The manufacturing skills gap in the United States could result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030, according to a study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute. This is not news to the corrugated packaging industry. The labor/hiring committee works to help industry foundation's like the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) address labor shortages and promote careers in our industry.


FBA's Technical Committee is the largest and most active association committee.  It includes representatives from fourteen member companies, with seven alternate representatives and more than 100 member company representatives receiving information copies of their ongoing work. 

The FBA Technical Committee stays abreast of industry developments and regulations, and addresses all technical aspects of corrugated container manufacturing, shipment and usage. This includes design and development of relevant projects, trials, and studies, and production/publication of associated technical literature, brochures, and documents. The Committee also works with regulatory and legislative agencies, promoting corrugated container usage and cooperating on development and dissemination of mutually beneficial packaging requirements.


Environmental concerns are inevitable throughout the manufacturing process. The corrugated industry adheres to environmentally-sound practices and complies with all applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. FBA, through the efforts of the Environmental Committee, works with the EPA on proposed regulations and assists member companies in interpreting how best to comply with existing regulations. 

Safety & Health

The Safety and Health Committee brings together members from a variety of companies for an information sharing forum on best practices in the areas of safety and health. This committee allows participants to get expert opinions about issues in their facilities, in areas such as OHSA compliance and plant safety.