Hazmat Training Program

Fibre Box Association's (FBA) Hazardous Materials Packaging Training Program is the industry's go-to training program for hazardous materials packaging.

FBA Hazardous Materials Packaging Training Program

The FBA Hazmat Training Program is designed to train all Hazmat Employees of a corrugated box plant, except those who ship/receive hazardous materials or test hazmat packages. Those Hazmat Employees will require additional, specialized training.

This program provides an overview of the hazmat training requirements as they apply to corrugated box plant employees. This training tackles what you need to know about hazmat packaging, so you’re prepared to ask questions and have the resources to get the answers. It does not replace the HMR - please check the most recent version of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) Subchapter C – Parts 171 through 185, available at eCFR The date of the last update is at the top of each page.

Included in the program are videos and tests. Also, all regulatory citations are referenced. The program covers general awareness of the hazmat regulations, function-specific training and recommendations for safety and security awareness training solutions.

The videos are divided into three sections (Groups 1, 2 and 3). The administrator of this program should assign each Hazmat Employee to a level of training, ensuring the Hazmat Employee receives at least the minimum training needed in their respective job.

Getting Digital Access:

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