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AICC Foundation for Packaging Education Inaugural Donor List is Growing

The Foundation for Packaging Education has received $725,000 in pledges and donations since launching in November 2020.

The Foundation began fundraising with a million-dollar match offered by AICC. All donations and pledges received in the first year, up to one million dollars, will be matched by AICC, allowing donors to have double the impact with their contribution.

All companies making pledges or donations through November 2021 will forever be the Inaugural Donors of the Foundation.

Thanks to the generous support of the Inaugural Donors thus far, Bay Cities; BCM Inks; Buckeye Boxes, in honor of Robert B. Hoyt; Central Package & Display; Deline Box & Display; Harris Packaging; Jamestown Container Companies; Michigan City Paper Box; Oklahoma Interpack; Package Crafters; Packaging Express; StandFast Packaging Group; SUN Automation; and Wasatch Container, the Foundation is fast approaching its first-year goal of 2 million dollars.

The support offered by these companies is critical to the success of the Foundation for Packaging Education’s mission to support the development and delivery of employee education and training resources for workers in the corrugated, folding carton, rigid box, and related supply chain industries.

A well-trained workforce assures proficiency in a discipline, an increase in employee retention, and the opportunity for advancement as the employee learns more.

Companies interested in becoming an Inaugural Donor and ensuring a better-trained workforce can make a pledge or donation to the Foundation at