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Begin Recruiting 2022 ICPF Student Interns and 2022 Graduates Now

This past year, over 1,000 packaging engineering, sales, business, packaging & graphic design, chemical engineering, supply chain management, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and related upcoming graduates and students demonstrated interest in corrugated packaging careers by posting their resumes in ICPF’s resume bank, applying for ICPF corporate partner student internships and entry level openings through ICPF’s Career Portal, participating in

ICPF’s Student / Executive Dialogue Dinner

, participating in

ICPF’s annual Teleconference on the Business of Corrugated Packaging and the Careers

, and by joining ICPF’s interactive Careers in Corrugated Packaging social network.

These initiatives, that included participation by dozens of ICPF Corporate Partners, led to record recruiting in 2021, exceeding the annual average of 120 student interns and graduates recruited through ICPF resources by 25%.

It appears the 2022 recruiting cycle will be even more active with over 250 students already posting resumes on ICPF’s career portal in anticipation of applying to 2022 openings. For those firms seeking applicants for current entry level openings, there are December 2021 graduates still available as well.

Now is the time for ICPF Corporate Partners to post summer internships and openings for upcoming 2022 graduates on ICPF’s career portal. Don’t postpone. ICPF’s career portal is simple and fast. If your firm is an ICPF Corporate Partner, your HR team can post student internships and entry level openings for new graduates for free by visiting ICPF’s “career portal” at

or by e-mailing

for more information.