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Connecting to Consumers This Holiday Season through Social Media

Fibre Box Association (FBA) prides itself on its connections: to members, to retailers, to industry stakeholders and to consumers. We work hard to be the trusted voice for the corrugated packaging industry across all these audiences, and it’s this last group that’s the focus today.

FBA connects with consumers through our social media platforms, promoting the extraordinary benefits of corrugated packaging. This is something we began actively doing in late 2018 and building upon every moment since. In 2020, our posts garnered 17.6 million impressions with a 79% follower growth rate which brought us up to 8,886 followers. We’re proud of the impact we’ve made and are excited to close out this year with even stronger numbers when it comes to our social media efforts.

We are also excited to announce that long-time employee Vicky Miksis will be stepping into a new role as Marketing and Research Specialist. Vicky will combine her research work that helps generate many of FBA’s current data reports with FBA’s social media efforts. She’ll work with the marketing team to continue to produce strong social media content that engages consumers.

This holiday season, that consumer engagement will center around boxes as the backbone of e-commerce. For November and December, we’re focusing on happy holiday deliveries made possible by corrugated packaging and asking consumers to gift us back, by recycling their boxes.

Corrugated packaging is an increasingly noticeable part of daily life, especially with e-commerce purchases landing on doorsteps everywhere this time of year. Our holiday message, “Happy delivery. Happy consumer. Happy planet. Happy holidays.” aims to encourage and recognize the role consumers play in recycling; a key contributor to what makes corrugated cardboard boxes extraordinary, and why consumers should feel good about the boxes being delivered to their homes.

As many packaging materials scramble to claim they are recyclable, it’s important to recognize corrugated boxes are not only recyclable but systems are in place for boxes to be recycled. In 2020, 89 percent of all corrugated packaging was successfully recovered for recycling in the US and on average corrugated boxes contain nearly 52 percent recycled content. That track record puts our industry miles ahead of any other packaging material’s recovery and re-use rates.

We will be sharing messages, infographics, key facts and

a video

on our social media platforms throughout the months of November and December. We’ll also be using the hashtags #choosecorrugated, #boxesareextraordinary, and #RecycleYourBoxes.

We encourage you to follow, like, share and re-share these important messages. With your help we can amplify the recycling message to consumers and connect with an even bigger audience.