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FBA Publishes Q12022 Advertising and Social Media Impact Report

Fibre Box Association (FBA) has published its first quarter 2022 Advertising and Social Media Impact Report. The report provides insights, in a dashboard format, on the results of the Corrugated Industry Promotion Program. The program is currently in it’s sixth year, the first year of a new commitment from corrugated industry suppliers to help fund the promotion of the extraordinary benefits of corrugated packaging. The program is made possible through contributions from Amtech, BHS, Bobst, BWPaperSystems, Flint Group, Fosber, HP, Haire Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, and Sun Automation.

In 2022, the goals of the program are to inspire engagement, build awareness and foster growth in corrugated packaging among our target audiences. We track results through reaction, clicks, comments and shares across our social media channels and through impressions gained via our paid advertising and editorial content.

First quarter results show strong impressions across all platforms, an increase in social media followers, and engagements rates that confirm audience members are invested in the messages we are sharing.

To view the Q12022 Impact Report,

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