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FBA To Hold Third Quarter Webinar on the Economic Trends Report

The 2021 third quarter free Fibre Box Association (FBA) webinar will be held Wednesday, September 15, 2021 on the August Edition of FBA’s Economic Trends and Outlook for Corrugated Products Report. Dick Storat, author of the report, will present the report’s top-line data.

The Economic Trends and Outlook for Corrugated Products report contains a US economic overview and information about several box consuming markets, along with a section covering the markets in Canada. Information is available for end-use markets such as meat and poultry, produce, dairy, cereals, beverages, and other food products plus durables and other non-durable goods. Covered markets are organized and reported in the same way that box shipments are reported in the FBA’s Annual Report, which tracks shipments by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

The report, published twice a year in February and August, is produced exclusively for FBA by Richard Storat and Associates and will only be available to FBA member companies. Only the August edition includes an outlook of corrugated shipments.

Data and information in the report has been gathered and researched using numerous publicly available sources. Opinions and forecasts expressed in the report are those of Storat and Associates and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Fibre Box Association.

The report will be released to FBA members ahead of the webinar.



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