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Get an update on association activities with our 2021-2022 Membership Report

FBA has a long-standing heritage of serving the corrugated industry. 2022 is the year of the box. With strong shipments and a drive toward more sustainable packaging, the time is now for corrugated boxes and packaging. The pandemic lit a spark that has set off fireworks of opportunities for the corrugated industry. Boxes are the hero of the pandemic, the economy, and our new normal.

Thank you for your ongoing support of FBA. The time and effort you and your fellow colleagues contribute to providing data, serving on committees, participating in industry research, and supporting FBA staff is both recognized and appreciated. Together, we are the most-trusted voice in the North American corrugated industry.

The Membership Report complements FBA's Industry Annual Report of statistical data, providing progress updates on the association’s accomplishments in the three areas of core member benefits – data, issues and connections.

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