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Have you Met Retta?

Apr 18, 2023

Earlier this month and just ahead of Earth Day, the Paper Packaging Board launched a new campaign encouraging consumers to make small everyday choices that have a big impact on the environment.  Retta is the campaign’s celebrity brand ambassador.

Retta is known for her roles on NBC’s Good GirlsParks and Recreation and HGTV’s Ugliest House in America. In this latest role, she’s an avowed papertarian who promotes sustainable paper packaging at work, home and the grocery store while humorously correcting recycling misses.

The Paper Packaging Board hopes Retta’s papertarian ways become a movement for consumers who have become increasingly wary of packaging and recycling.

Like Retta, in the corrugated industry we believe Earth Day is every day and sustainability is core to our manufacturing processes and our products’ end of life. Corrugated boxes are the most recycled packaging material on the planet with a recycling rate that has hovered around 90 percent for the past decade.

As consumers move through their everyday lives, we need their help to maintain our recycling success story. This month our social media focus will complement Retta’s movement. We’ll share facts, articles and infographics demonstrating corrugated packaging as the ideal packaging choice for the planet.  We’ll also ask consumers, customers and industry employees to take a small step by signing the Corrugated Box Recycling Pledge. It’s easy to recycle boxes. Simply remove all other packing material from the box, flatten it, and place it in your recycling bin. It’s a great first step on your journey to joining Retta in the papertarian movement. Together, we can continue to recycle corrugated boxes and at the same time take care of the Earth for future generations.

Encourage those around you to become a papertarian alongside Retta.

Happy Earth Day!