Allied Organizations

ICPF Holiday Weekend in New York – Save the Date for December 10 – 12, 2021

Please save the date of December 10-12, 2021 for this year's Holiday Weekend in New York annual fundraiser. ICPF has announced that the next Holiday Weekend in New York has been scheduled for December 10-12, 2021. BW Papersystems, Fosber America, Kiwiplan, Pratt Industries and WestRock already have committed to sponsorships for the 2021 ICPF event.

"As one of the original sponsors of ICPF’s New York event… again thankful and honored Pratt Industries can support this important industry cause in 2021”, said Brian McPheely, CEO.

"We look forward to the event being the biggest and best ever”, added Jeff Pallini, President of Fosber America.

Neal MCconnellogue, President of BW Papersystems stated, “Having just recently made a long-term corporate partner pledge to support ICPF, BW Papersystems is pleased to continue its ongoing sponsorship of ICPF’s New York event in 2021.”

Jeff Chalovich, CCO & President of Corrugated Packaging at WestRock summarized. “ICPF’s weekend in New York during the holidays is one of the most unique events and opportunities in the Industry. This year’s weekend will sell out even earlier than in past years.”

Most recently, Kiwiplan's President, Rodney McGee e-mailed, "I hope you’re off to a good start this year! I don’t want to miss signing up for the ICPF weekend in New York. Do you have an idea of when the invites might come out?"