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In My Opinion: The OCC rate is not up for debate

According to AF&PA CEO Heidi Brock, analysts left out key information about boxes used in exports.

Paper recycling is an environmental success story. Facts and data matter, especially when it comes to measuring and tracking the paper recycling rate over time.

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) is a data-driven organization, and we rely on complete data to calculate the annual paper and cardboard recycling rates.

These are rates we have tracked for three decades, and they help inform our industry – which plays an active role in paper recycling’s success.

Therefore, it is imperative we supply the most accurate data on paper recycling – data that was recently called into question during a session at the 2022 Resource Recycling Conference, suggesting the OCC recycling rate is lower than reported.

However, the OCC statistics presented at the conference do not serve as a point of comparison to AF&PA’s national OCC recycling rate.

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