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Knowledge is Power: Sharing the Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

This month Fibre Box Association’s (FBA) social media theme is “Back to School/Back to Work with Corrugated”. It’s not only appropriate for this time of year, but also because education and information sharing are a top priority for FBA’s Board of Directors, members and association staff. Much of what we do is share information aimed at educating box users including brand owners, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, and other interested groups about the many benefits of corrugated packaging.

In 2022, FBA embarked on it’s second round of the Corrugated Industry Promotion Program with funding support from ten generous and corrugated industry-committed supplier partners, Amtech, BHS, BWPaperSystems, Bobst, Flint Group, Fosber, HP, Haire Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, and Sun Automation. Through their support, the association shares the good things about corrugated packaging with an ever-growing audience. The program includes paid digital and print advertising and editorial content in trade publications that service important market segments aligned with FBA’s annual statistics on end-use markets for boxes. In addition, the program helps fund the association’s paid social media posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

A preview of the work that’s done each month is communicated to the FBA Board of Directors by e-mail. The e-mails highlight the social media theme for the coming month and include a list of the ads that will run in trade publications. Metrics and results of the program are communicated quarterly and annually through the Advertising and Social Media Impact Report. The report includes a dashboard for achievements against annual goals, breakdowns of per publication and per social media platform audience reach and engagement for each social media platform. Gathering the data both quarterly and on an annual basis allows the FBA staff to adjust our spend and mix depending on the results of a particular publication or topic area on social media.

FBA has placed a focus on thought leadership placements in the form of editorial columns and articles to expand audience exposure and lend third-party credibility to our campaign messages this year. We plan to share a summary of these placements at the end of the year.

Of course, we are always interested in feedback from our members. Your feedback and ideas help us to shape the messaging we share. If you have thoughts about the program, our current direction, or specific ideas about messaging, please let me know with an e-mail or phone call.

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to read the Q22022 Fibre Box Association Advertising and Social Media Impact Report.