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New FBA Digital Asset Library for Members (Great for Salespeople & Marketing)

Get FBA marketing materials (fast facts, graphics, videos and more) in one central location for easy downloading, printing and sharing

Fibre Box Association (FBA) is excited to release a new digital asset management library for our members.

FBA has worked over the last few years to build a library of assets that promote the corrugated packaging industry. We’ve designed images and infographics with corrugated packaging industry facts, created families of assets around particular industry topics (sustainability, manufacturing, recycling, etc.), designed print and digital files based on the Boxes are Extraordinary tagline, created industry videos and much more.  While we have been sharing these in publications, on social media and through our websites, we think now is a great time to expand their reach.

Through the new tool, members can access these FBA marketing materials in one central location for easy downloading, printing and sharing. Users will be able to convert to different file formats (ex. from .jpg to .png or .pdf) upon export, crop assets to custom sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, print items for use in plants, and more. All assets are available for FBA member use with attribution to FBA.

This is perfect for sales personnel and marketing employees looking to reinforce the benefits of choosing corrugated packaging with ready-tailored information and graphics. Help us spread the good word about corrugated packaging – take advantage of our library and start sharing facts and files today.

Click here to access the FBA Marketing Material collection.