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New Recruitment Video Available

Fibre Box Association (FBA) is pleased to announce the premiere of a new corrugated industry recruitment video –

“Now Hiring: The Corrugated Packaging Industry.”

The video features corrugated industry employees talking about their jobs – what they like about them, how they got into the industry, and why the corrugated packaging industry is a good fit for anyone looking for a job that offers stability, growth opportunities, and a voice in the making of an everyday essential product.

The video can be used by member companies to help attract talented and skilled employees to positions on the plant floor and front office.  FBA hopes potential employees see themselves reflected in the video and seek out additional information about the corrugated packaging industry and member companies who are “Now Hiring”.

The video is the latest in FBA’s efforts to promote the corrugated packaging industry and the benefits of using corrugated boxes.  The video will be shared across the association’s social media channels as part of our month-long focus on employment opportunities in the corrugated packaging industry. We hope you’ve been following along.