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“Now Hiring: The Corrugated Packaging Industry”

The Fibre Box Association (FBA) is pleased to announce the premiere of a new corrugated industry recruitment video – “Now Hiring: The Corrugated Packaging Industry.”

The video features corrugated industry employees talking about their jobs – what they like about them, how they got into the industry, and why the corrugated packaging industry is a good fit for anyone looking for a job that offers stability, growth opportunities, and a voice in the making of an everyday essential product.

The video comes as concerns mount about ensuring the continuation of talented and skilled plant employees across the corrugated packaging industry.

Last month, I sat down with Tim Bergwall, division president for paper packaging at Greif; Bob McIlvaine, president and CEO at The Royal Group; and Charles Malo, president and CEO at Cascades Containerboard Packaging for a panel discussion on labor at the FBA Annual Meeting in Laguna Beach, CA.

All three panelists said their companies were experiencing labor shortages and shared ideas for attracting workers to plant floor positions. Tim said they’ve streamlined their application process at Greif. Charles said they’re expanding their job fairs and Bob said they’re offering training to new hires on things like how to read a tape measure and other skills that build confidence to keep new workers on the job longer.

Many in the audience also shared ideas about how to increase outreach in their communities and educate potential workers about available jobs in the industry.

The new video becomes another tool in companies’ recruitment efforts. As a first-hand account from current employees, the video provides shared insights into what makes a job worth pursuing in the corrugated packaging industry. Common themes heard throughout the video include:

  • It’s not just a job, it’s a career with lots of opportunity for growth.
  • Working in the industry provides stability – “I’ve never been laid off.” “I’ve always had a job.” And “I’ve been able to provide for my family.”
  • Advancement opportunities are readily available as the industry hires from within. “Hard work and dedication pay off in this industry.” “The support I’ve received in the industry hasn’t ever stopped.”
  • “I get to work with people from all walks of life.” “You learn to build almost a family type environment.”
  • “I have a voice in the process and it makes me feel good about what I do.”

FBA hopes potential employees see themselves reflected in the video and seek out additional information about the corrugated packaging industry and member companies who are “Now Hiring”

To access the new video,

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