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July was a hot month here at FBA as we endured warm summer temperatures and discussed the hot topic of sustainability across our social media channels. This month we shared information about #PlasticFreeJuly, a month-long initiative providing resources and ideas to help consumers reduce single-use plastic waste.

Throughout the month of July, we are sharing articles, graphics and videos about corrugated packaging and sustainability. So far this month, we’ve earned over 100,000 impressions on Twitter and had more than 3,000 people visit our profile. On Facebook, our sustainability video reached 97,000 people and earned more than 128,000 impressions. You can watch our newest videos on our YouTube page by clicking here. Part of our Instagram strategy this month includes playing fun games on our Instagram stories like “Love or Pass” to learn about your favorite activities to do outside.

Thank you to everyone who has liked and shared our posts on social media. If you like what you’re seeing, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@fibrebox) too for additional content.

As we move into August, keep an eye out for our new social media theme: Back to School/Back to Work with Corrugated. We will be sharing articles, infographics, facts and more to educate our audience about corrugated packaging. We hope you will follow along.

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