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It is officially summer! As the days get longer and the weather heats up, we’re focusing on safety during the month of June. June is nationally recognized as National Safety Month and we’d like to remind everyone that safe is a top priority in the corrugated packaging industry.

Throughout the month of June, we are sharing articles, infographics and helpful tips about safety in the workplace. So far this month, we’ve earned over 120,000 impressions on Twitter and gained more than 40 new followers. On Facebook, our Safety is Essential video earned over 45,000 engagements and reached more than 75,000 viewers. We continue to make strides on Instagram by gaining 15 new followers. Part of our Instagram strategy this month includes testing your safety training knowledge by sharing quizzes on our Instagram story.

Thank you to everyone who has liked and shared our posts on social media. If you like what you’re seeing, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@fibrebox) too for additional content.

Our focus for July will be sustainability. We’ll highlight the many ways the corrugated industry uses sustainable packaging, making for a greener planet.

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