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April is an important month around here at FBA – Earth Day is April 22. While Earth Day is only one official day of the year, we’d like to remind everyone that Earth Day is every day. Throughout the month of April, we are highlighting incredible facts and articles about planet Earth and how the corrugated industry is playing a role in preserving forest lands and educating consumers about the importance of recycling e-commerce boxes.

As part of our Earth Day Every Day campaign, we shared several facts, infographics, and videos about recycling, protecting our forests and choosing corrugated over other packaging materials because of its sustainable and recycled qualities. You can find these graphics on any of our social media platforms including





So far this month, we’ve earned over 115,000 impressions on Twitter and gained more than 50 new followers. On Facebook, our Earth Day Every Day video earned over 94,000 engagements. We continue to make strides on


by gaining over 45 new followers. Part of our Instagram strategy this month includes working with two Instagram influencers to help

promote our

Corrugated Box Recycling Pledge

in honor of Earth Day 2021. You can learn more about our Earth Day Influencer Campaign



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Our focus for May will be taking a deep dive into the topics covered at the Annual Meeting. Keep an eye out for engaging articles and more about the State of the Corrugated Industry, Cybersecurity, Next Generation Workforce, the Biden Administration's Impact on Manufacturing, E-Commerce and Sustainability.

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