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FBA’s social media theme for the month of July is all about sustainability. This month, we are focusing on the corrugated packaging industry's long-standing commitment to sustainable forestry management and recycling. We’ve also shared information about


, a month-long initiative providing resources and ideas to help consumers reduce single-use plastic waste.

So far this month, we’ve earned over 51,000 impressions on


and had more than 2,750 people visit our profile. On Facebook and Instagram, our

you are an important part of a box's sustainability journey video

has earned over 120,000 post engagements and reached more than 87,000 viewers. Our LinkedIn account has had 75 new followers so far this month.

As we move into August, keep an eye out for our new social media theme: Back to School/Back to Work with Corrugated. We will be sharing articles, infographics, facts and more to educate our audience about corrugated packaging. We hope you will follow along.

If you have any questions regarding our social media efforts or would like to share news or pictures, please contact Vicky Miksis at