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FBA’s social media theme for the month of March is

Choose Corrugated. Choose the Planet

. We are highlighting the undeniable benefits for our planet when corrugated is your packaging material of choice. We’ve shared content on the sustainability of corrugated, recycling facts and information, and information on the performance attributes of corrugated packaging that make it good for the planet.

So far this month, we have generated over 81,000 impressions on Twitter and our

Choose Corrugated. Choose the Planet

video has reached over 113,000 people on Facebook and Instagram. On LinkedIn, we have had 55,000 post impressions.

Our focus for April will be Earth Day. Keep an eye out for exciting content about sustainability, recycling, and the importance of protecting our Earth.

If you have any questions regarding our social media efforts or would like to share news or pictures, please contact Vicky Miksis at